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Stand Out With a Box as Unique as Your Journey.

Connect. Empower. Uplift. Inspire

Stay Close, Even When They're Far

The HBCU Box is more than just a care package; it's your student's college sidekick for the next four years. Packed with must-haves, fun surprises, and a little bit of home, it's the perfect way to keep them feeling loved and confident

Celebrate Heritage, Embrace Community

There’s something truly magical about historically black colleges and universities. Every box is a celebration of pride! With tasty treats, stylish gear, and tools for life, we make sure your student stays connected to their roots and community. 


We've Got This!

We've got your back, and your student's too! As they navigate college life, the HBCU Box is there to support and cheer them on, making their journey smooth and enriching.

Pick the Perfect Plan

Select one-time or ongoing monthly subscription

We Pack & Ship

Boxes are carefully curated, packed, and shipped to your student's destination.

Delivered with Care

Boxes are delivered to the address of choice.

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An Investment Worth Making

"Worth Every Penny For Their Success."
-K. Carter

Choosing The HBCU Box means you're all in for your student's success It's a smart, heartfelt investment that shows you care every step of the way.

Join us in celebrating your student's journey with a box that's as unique and special as they are.

The HBCU Box - because their success is our mission.

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